Scene 10

We’re back in the booth. We hang out for a while, not saying much. In walks a tall babe with short jet black hair. She has large black eyes and very pale skin. She walks over to the booth and squeezes in.

− When does the rooster crow in Resurgent County? X asks her.

− Skip the Maxwell Smart bunk. You know who I am. What do you need me for?

− We need access to the central cyberfantasy distribution node, Nel whispers.

The woman lights a cigarette.

− Interesting. Not easy. Security is the best in the world to protect the node. What do you want the access for?

− Don’t worry about it, Aria says. We need about 68 minutes of unimpeded access.

− Virtually impossible. Seconds after they detect the breach, the spiders will be all over it.

− That’s why they pay you the big dushbars.

− Yeah. Where’s my big dushbars? I don’t see them.

− You like to read?


− You like books?

− No.

−You like rare books?

− What the fuck are you talking about?

− The book of which there is only one copy?

− What, some retard’s vanity press novel?

− Will you hack in if we give you the Schmooziface Veluptur?

− It doesn’t exist.

− I know. I’m just saying, if we proved to you we had the Schmooziface Veluptur, would you do the job in exchange for that?

− Yeah, and add on the treasure of Atlantis while you’re at it.

− Let’s go take a little ride.

− Who’s the designated driver? You are all high on apple sauce. I’ll call you and tell you where we meet next.


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