Scene 17

21 February, 0220 hours


− Probably shouldn’t have let them leave the airport. But I want to know where they’re going, who they’re meeting.

The taxi pulls away from the taxi stand. Lieutenant Alcione Domingo Carvalho, Downbeat City police inspector, raises his hand. The driver, Sergeant David Amarelo, rests his hand on the gear shift. The taxi is now a few hundred meters down the airport exit road.

− Go.

Amarelo puts the car in gear and pulls away from the passenger platform in front of the terminal. The detectives follow the taxi onto the highway.

− Get off here. Carvalho points at an exit to a suburb of Downbeat City.

− We’re gonna lose them.

− I have the taxi number.

Amarelo takes the exit. Using the chip behind his ear, Carvalho accesses the law enforcement mainframe.

− Vera, where is airport taxi 24 going? Carvalho momentarily travels to a white room with a Saudadean woman in a navy blue jumpsuit in it.

− Airport taxi 24 is traveling west on Interdistrict 9 at 115 kilometers per hour. It is located 7 kilometers east of the Downbeat City limits.

− Take Interdistrict 12 to Downbeat City, Carvalho tells Amarelo. Hurry up. We want to get there before them. We have to be there when the driver drops them off.


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