Southern Gentility

Southern Gentility

It’s a way the local people have
Mint juleps and horse races and country clubs and picnics
Lynchings and voter suppression and spitting in the face of black people
It’s the good ole Southern way, the Stars and Bars
Hosing protesters, beating students
The grand ole aristocracy
Of slavery and whippings and rapes
They have an easy way about them, a laid-back way of life
Treating people like animals
Separating families, dragging human beings from their homes
Chaining them and shoving them on top of each other in ships
Working them to death on the other face of the planet
And art museums and straw hats and doilies and caddies and golf tees
And white hoods and burning crosses and children hanging by their necks
Let’s all celebrate some good old Southern traditions
After all we’ve got God on our side
Let’s not let anyone corrupt our grand old Southern values
And murder and the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898:
A coup d’etat in Wilmington, North Carolina, where a mob of white Democrats overthrew a biracial city government, murdered many black people, and put a white supremacist government in place

You say these are all things of the past
Have no fear, Jim Crow is back,
for the good ole Southern way,
and in the cause of Southern Gentility. Cheers!


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