The Book of Leaves

The Book of Leaves (see previous post) is my manifesto.  At 3,821 words, it lays out my beliefs and ideas about the Earth.  I hope it will become the manifesto of our age.  I describe the millions of years of environmental destruction that characterizes human history.  And I chart a way out of the vicious cycle of destruction.  I propose that we limit the number of children we have, control urban sprawl, take down fences, remove superhighways, shrink our footprint, wean ourselves from the carbon fuel addiction, close nuclear power plants, and begin living a simple life that emphasizes love, community, peace, and taking the time to get to know each other.  I call out to all oppressed people to rise up against their oppressors.  There is no excuse for letting yourself be oppressed.  You victim are the one who can change that.  I call for revolution.  I call for the foundation of the Earth Movement.  But before we can build a revolution on Earth, we must foment a revolution in our own hearts.  A paradigm shift is necessary.  We must learn to see clearly.  This will be a revolution by the microbes, the rocks, the oaks, the cheetahs, the pandas, the wolves, the araucaria, the water lilies, the mountains, the rivers, and the people.  The Earth is calling to us.  If we can but hear, the birds, bees, flowers, and trees are singing to us.  If we can hear their song.  The song is beautiful, but sad.  If you don’t know what to do, listen to the wind in the trees, and the Earth will sing you a song that will answer all your questions.


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