Cast of Characters

Nate Daniels narrator
Jules Manley



the agent

her assistant.

her boss.

Semper Wombat Chairman and CEO of ABI.
Margaret Semper Wombat’s wife.
Julian Semper’s secretary

Freddy’s Gang

Aria The artist.
Flex aka Scarface.
Nel aka Cornrow Beauty.
Simeon aka X.
Uncle Albert on The Land.
Hubert Medvedev feeding tube repairman. wife Liz, twins Billy and Calvin, and daughter Dana.
Jack Oliver Hubert’s neighbor. Wife Angel.
Alcione Domingo Carvalho Downbeat City police detective.
David Amarelo Carvalho’s sidekick
Bêto Jules’s friend in Mangueira.
Mel Smith Aria’s producer at OmniFantasy
John Nederlander director of the Borneo publicity film
Mr. Paravada Karma City wise man
Brittany. The Computer.

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